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The Internet is a magical place.

It is a world that exists primarily in the minds of its creators, and secondarily as a collection of electrons - energetic particles - all residing in a mystical land called hyperspace.

We hope you enjoy the following websites and will subscribe to Pyradice Perspectives where we share our members suggestions of places worth visiting in our ever expanding digital community. 

List of Websites

www.NewAgeDomain.com - A very reasonable, and high quality source of Internet services including domain names, website hosting, and ezine publication software. You can have your own professional presence on the Internet in a manner of minutes at very little cost.

www.Shockproof.net - A great resource for information on how to get financing for your business endeavor - a website where you can freely access analytical tools and audio supported training from one of gurus who teaches bankers how to evaluate businesses.

www.HughesAssociates.com - Here you will find more information about the kinds of projects that we are involved with. You will also meet some our associates - the very special people who help us make a difference in the success and satisfaction of our clients.

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