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Pyradice Publishing
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At Pyradice Publishing, we love books ... and their authors!

Below are a few special books we are proud to promote from among our family of writers.  They are quite different from each other (ranging from historical fiction to non-fiction).  You will also find links to websites where you can learn more about the authors and their work.

Douglas Hughes

"The author reveals both the ugly blemishes and the beautiful synchronicities of living that make our journey through life so interesting, and ultimately worthwhile." ~ from a blog discussion on the book website.


For more information, visit: www.PersonalRevelations.com


Nita Hughes

The Cathar Legacy and Past Recall


Considerably before Dan Brown's DaVinci book, Nita Hughes had already delved into religious confrontations in the Middle Ages and came up with her excellent read, Past Recall. It is not only historically fascinating, but the intricate plot is as absorbing as any mystery buff could ask for. If you want to lose a night or two of sleep, start reading this book.~ Sandy Reed, author of A Tote of Travel Tales


"Past Recall is a compelling romantic mystery. Its magnetic narrative treats us to spiritual wisdom and historical fact. Nita Hughes' mystical passion informs, entertains and inspires readers, while providing us with an antidote for a problematic future." ~ Karen Horowitz, co-author of Witness to Illness


Safe Haven


"Exciting, captivating and fast-paced. I was swept away by its excellently crafted plot - one which exposes political intrigue at the highest levels and with the lowest scruples." ~ Gregory Orr, retired Diplomat, U.S. State Department

"I couldn't put it down. A story of intrigue set in the turbulent last days of Philippine President, Ferdinand Marcos, as seen through the eyes of an American banker. Nita Hughes' perspective on this period comes from personal experience and it shows. Entertaining from the first page to the last." ~ Mary Carryer, former Vice Chairman, Bank of Hawaii

"The world of international finance has many dimensions and many faces. Nita Hughes, a veteran in the field of international private banking, has crafted a superb novel of danger and intrigue, along with a touch of romance, in this compelling tale. A wonderful time capsule that transported me back to the incomparable charms, challenges and mysteries of the Philippines." ~ Dr. Rex Beach, former U.S. Executive Director, Asian Development Bank


Bryan Trent

"The story of the genius, beauty, and boldness of Hypatia forms the basis for this excellently written novel. Hypatia's death is high tragedy, not just because of the loss of this brilliant and forgotten woman, but for all the tragedy that follows - the world of Hellenized Egypt is so enchantingly painted that its fall delivers a knockout emotional blow. The very evident passion and talent of author Trent is that, like the many faces of Alexandria, he tackles several diverse points: Rational argument versus blind superstition, Academic elitism and punditry, and Reason and Emotion, in conflict and in concert." ~ Michael F. Manna at Amazon.com


In the purple predawn of civilization before pyramids and coliseums, in the land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers…

  • GILGAMESH is king of Uruk, mightiest city in the Fertile Crescent
  • ENKIDU is the creature of the wilderness, last of an ancient tribe now eclipsed into legend
  • SIDURI is the mysterious outsider living in the fabled country called the Mouth of the Rivers

Here is the world’s oldest adventure, the time-honored Epic of Gilgamesh, told as a novel like never before. Here is the original tale of friendship, of loss, and of one man’s desperate quest for immortality ... NEVER GROW OLD


Valerie Storey

"Valerie Storey distills the massive amount of confusing, and often conflicting, advice into the basic information necessary for crafting a short story, novel, or non-fiction manuscript. Her clear and gentle style guides even the most reluctant writer around obstacles in the path to publication. [The Essential Guide for New Writers] is designed to give the first-time writer confidence, encouragement, and practical knowledge... ~ Writer's Digest Magazine on Amazon.com

"Unleashed" is a fantastic book about the life of Tina Resch and Dr. William Roll.  Tina, now known as Christina Boyer, is serving a life sentence for the murder of her baby, a crime she did not commit. The actual murderer confessed and received a lighter sentence. After reading this book, you will come away amazed at the extraordinary events of Tina's life from the poltergeist manifestations that cannot be explained to the life sentence that cannot be explained. This is a must read for anyone interested in the paranormal." ~ Thomas Cooney at Amazon.com

Rex Beach

"Shockproof! provides simply stated wisdom that should be a primer for any manager who has to solve business problems." ~ Donald C. Harms, CIT Group


"The blending of the six Shockproof! essentials into a working model for a business owner or manager is terrific!" ~ Steve Thompson, Wells Fargo Bank


For more information, visit: www.Shockproof.net


Alexander Reed

"[Money and the Global Economy] is an amazing work. I found the manuscript fascinating ... a totally different approach to the economics of money on a domestic and international level." ~ John C. Getzelman, CEO of the Community Bank, Pasadena, California and ex-Chairman of Rainer National Bank, Seattle


"The Village Banker, in spite of its innocent title, is not the usual cozy cup of tea whodunnit. Part seductive travelogue through South America, part insider expose of international banking, and all excitement as its sophisticated protagonist sweeps the reader into an ominous world of international high finance. Ever wonder how politics, banking and large corporations dance a deadly tango of control across the globe? The Village Banker immerses the reader in an up close and deadly look at the intricate web of sophisticated schemes the world's rich and powerful use to expand their wealth and influence." ~ Amazon.com


"The novel makes me wish I could meet all these interesting people, or at least, that I could as sharply and compassionately remember and picture them and their pathos in such an easygoing story-telling style. Through the author's eyes, peoples' and countries' foibles and souls parade without condescendence or prejudice, revealing individual aspects of their distinct cultures." ~ Amazon.com


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