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Pyradice Publishing
Enlightened Entertainment for Winning Life's Greatest Reward


Pyradice Publishing was founded when my wife and I moved to Hawaii many years ago.  We had both been successful in our careers but by no means wealthy.  We were young and wanted to see if we could create the life of our dreams on the magical island of Maui. 

The journey has taken us down paths we never expected.  It wasn't always easy.  But we never turned back.  And now, we are grateful for the vast abundance we receive each day.

The secret of our success is not based on superior luck, talent, skill, intelligence, inheritance, or any other attribute that is so often associated with good fortune and riches.  Rather, we are the beneficiaries of a process - a path we discovered that anyone can follow to attract the same success we have.

This website was setup to provide you with a roadmap of how we did it, and more importantly, how you can do it too

The roadmap is free.  We offer it as a gift to you with the knowledge that giving is the key to receiving.  If you take advantage of this map, you will arrive at the destination you desire. 

Along the way, we will introduce you to other travelers and a variety of resources you can use that will make your journey more pleasurable, interesting, and inspiring to others.

If you long to live the life of your dreams - to experience the joy and satisfaction of abundant happiness, health, wealth, and wisdom - then join us now on this journey, and together we will change the world.

We mean this literally.  For in attracting the kind of abundance we are talking about, you will become a beacon of hope to others who are also seeking freedom from a life of scarcity, sadness, ill health or ignorance.

Thank you for playing your part in the never-ending story of human evolution and spiritual growth that defines the world we all want to see.

Aloha ... Douglas & Nita Hughes


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