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Nita Hughes
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Local Author Bases New Book on the Enigmatic Cathar Legacy

Ex-banker, Nita Hughes, had recently left a career capped by an exciting stint as Vice President-Manager of an International Private Banking Division where her focus was to hide wealth.

A visit to a bookstore presented an uncommon experience when a book fell on her head. Its account of the destruction of the Cathars and the disappearance of their mysterious legacy plunged Hughes into another focus involving wealth as she began writing a book about their profound treasure, described in the records of the Inquisition as: “… so powerful as to transform the world.

The Cathar Legacy tells the story of Dana Palmer, photographer, and Eric Taylor, writer, sent to
France to create a series describing the resurgence of interest in the Thirteenth Century religious group called the Cathars. Recalling a connection beyond time, they reunite with past souls— Pierre, Professor Marty and Veronique—and begin to translate the powerful message hidden in the parchments. Fear grows as the Overseer, who heads up the enigmatic “Q” project for the Vatican, checkmates their every move.

While on a trip to Marseille to photograph Mary Magdalene’s life in France, Dana discovers the relics of Jesus. Kidnapped by a demagogic coalition of the Overseer, right-wing clergy and a U.S. Senator seeking the presidency, she fears for the fate of the world on learning of their intent to use a stem cell research project to clone DNA from the bloodline of Christ and create a Second Coming.

“This exceptional novel blends 13th century secrets of the Cathars with a very modern conspiracy,” said
Alexander Reed, author of The Village Banker.

Hughes will hold a book signing event at Maui Bookseller’s on Saturday, May 27 at 3 PM and
elaborate on her discovery that beneath the Da Vinci mysteries lies the Cathar Legacy.

She dedicated both her first novel, Past Recall and her current book, The Cathar Legacy, to reviving the Cathars’ story and revealing the unthinkable injustice done them.

Nita Hughes lives on the island of Maui with her husband, Douglas. She is available for comments via her website: