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Safe Haven

The adventures of Amanda Evans will forever destroy any lingering beliefs that banking is boring.

When an influential journalist accuses her employer, a major U.S. bank, of involvement in a worldwide money laundering scheme, this International Private Banker is sent on a dangerous assignment to the Philippines where she must identify the source of the rumors.

Amanda arrives in a Manila overflowing with CIA, international press, and private bankers - all keeping a close eye on the incendiary status of a presidency about to tumble, and those determined to prevail … at any cost.


Puzzled by the banks’ insistence that she partner with the new director of their Offshore Bank in the Cayman Islands, Amanda is both attracted and repelled on discovering that Derek Ashton is in league with a Filipino mankukulam, a ‘man with the evil eye’, who seems determined to destroy her. She watches her strongest ally and biggest customer fall victim to a sudden and deadly illness. The integrity of her employer, the reputation of U.S. politicians, and her assumption of safety as an American – all are shattered when she learns that billions from the legendary Yamashita’s Gold are about to leave the Philippines, aided by persons cloaked as allies, who will let nothing stand in their way.

"The world of international finance has many dimensions and many faces.  Nita Hughes, a veteran in the field of international private banking, has crafted a superb novel of danger and intrigue, along with a touch of romance, in this compelling tale.  A wonderful time capsule that transported me back to the incomparable charms, challenges and mysteries of the Philippines."


Rex Beach, Former U.S. Executive Director, Asian Development Bank


"I couldn't put it down. A story of intrigue set in the turbulent last days of Philippine President, Ferdinand Marcos, as seen through the eyes of an American banker.  Nita Hughes' perspective on this period comes from personal experience and it shows. Entertaining from the first page to the last."

Mary Carryer,
Former Vice Chairman,

Bank of Hawaii


 "Exciting, captivating and fast-paced. I was swept away by its excellently crafted plot - one which exposes political intrigue at the highest levels and with the lowest scruples.”

 Gregory Orr, Retired Diplomat, 
U.S. State Department 

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