Can a treasure from the past hold the key to our future?

Novel Follows Two Stories: Cathar Persecution in 13th Century France

and Cathar Wisdom Returning in Modern Times


Hawaii – Maui author Nita Hughes’ first novel is released with high praise.


PAST Recall ~ When Love and Wisdom Transcend Time


“A haunting blend of metaphysics and historical romance at its best,
Past Recall is filled with rich characterization and a great sense of style.”


- Valerie Storey, author of The Essential Guide for Writers -


 Hughes offers a novel steeped in history, religion, romance and mystery that seamlessly blends the past and the present. Labeled heretics, the Cathars are massacred by the Inquisition as the Church vows to possess a treasure described as “ powerful as to change the face of the world.”

In the south of France, 1244, Clotilde and Jean de Mirepoix are devout Cathars who find their lives shattered as the assassination of the Pope’s representative causes a bloody battle. The Catholic Church sets out to destroy all Cathars and take possession of their valuable treasure.  Seeking safety, Clotilde and Jean find solace perched high atop a remote mountain.  There, they vow that whatever their fate, their souls will return when the world most needs the secret of their sacred treasure.

As the story continues, Hughes alternates Clotilde’s tale with that of modern day photographer, Dana Palmer, who accepts an assignment in France to create a series on the resurgence of interest in the Cathars.  Strange images in her photos, a threat to her life, and enigmatic allies deepen the danger as Dana recalls a mysterious and ancient mandate to find the treasure before those who would use it to control the world.  As her peril grows, Dana suspects that her writer colleague, Eric Taylor, an ex-priest, may be working with the Vatican to thwart her mission.

Past Recall is tale of passion that brings a people and a time back to life with a wake-up call for humanity to return to love before it is too late.


Hughes spent several years as an executive in the international private banking division of a global financial institution where she served as an advisor for high net worth clients in South America, Asia and Europe.  Nita now writes from her home on the Hawaiian Island of Maui and can be reached at:


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