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Cathar Legacy Workshop

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Sep 26 - Oct 3, 2009
in Limoux France

How many travel experiences remain indelibly imprinted in your memory long after returning home? 

In a lifetime of international travel, holidays in almost every popular (and some not so popular) destinations, one in particular always comes to mind - the experience of having flown on the Concorde.

Now, I finally have a companion memory to add to the list - a trip to the South of France. 

For all whose thoughts in reading these words are, “Gimmee a break! Everyone wants to go to the South of France, many of us have, and sure it was beautiful, but..."

But ranking any one of the many barge and cozy gite experiences - even a luxury Paris hotel stay - as being outstanding would be about as believable as comparing one baker’s croissants to another. Tasty. Worth recommending. But croissants, as with all parts and products of France, are sure to get a variable vote according to each individual’s personal tastes.

I beg to suggest differently.  For those who have been to France many times, as well as for those who have never experienced France, let me attempt to support my claim that the memory of even a brief one week holiday at Montfaucon will echo the memory of a flight on the Concorde - beautiful, carefree, elite, comfortable, extraordinary fellow travelers, cosseted, comfortable and congenial - a place of peace and perfection. One longs to do it again, and although one mourns - in the case of the Concorde - the inability to do it again, one cherishes the warm memory of once having had the experience.

Now to indulge myself, I shall try to describe my rationale for claiming that the Montfaucon matches the Concorde experience. As in recalling a perfect meal, it is both delectable and delicate to recreate with words. Even the photos accompanying this article cannot communicate that which makes a holiday so outstanding. (... continue reading ...)

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