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Mystical and Magical Events
... Lead to Cathar Novels

Ex-banker, Nita Hughes, gave up what many would consider a dream career - VP Manager of International Private Banking.

Her role was to help wealthy and powerful people protect their riches - a recurring theme that was about to appear in her life in a new and different way.

A very common destination - a bookstore - presented an uncommon experience, when a book fell on her head.

Its account of thirteenth century France and the destruction of the Cathars (also known as "the good people"), plunged her into another world which once again involved wealthy and powerful people.

She began writing a book about an ancient mystery described in the recorded transcripts of the Inquisition as a treasure "... so powerful as to transform the world."

The Cathar Legacy (sequel to Past Recall) tells the story of Dana Palmer, photographer, and Eric Taylor, writer, sent to France to create a series investigating the recent resurgence of interest in the Cathars.

Recalling a connection beyond time, they reunite with past souls - Pierre, Professor Marty and Veronique - to begin translating the powerful message hidden in the parchments known as the Cathar Treasure.

Fear and desperation grow as the Overseer, who heads up the enigmatic "Q" project for the Vatican, checkmates their every move.

On a trip to Marseille to photograph Mary Magdalene's life in France, Dana is guided to find the relics of Jesus. She is kidnapped by a demagogic coalition including the Overseer, right-wing clergy, and a U.S. Senator seeking the Presidency. Dana fears for the fate of the world on learning that their plans include stem cell research to clone DNA from the bloodline of Jesus and manufacture a "Second Coming of Christ".

“This exceptional novel blends 13th century secrets
of the Cathars with a very modern conspiracy.”

Alexander Reed
Author of The Village Banker

Nita became entranced by the Cathars and dedicated to writing about their history. It begins in the novel, "Past Recall" and continues in "The Cathar Legacy" which brings the mystery of the Cathar Treasure to a powerful conclusion. It also offers a beguiling premonition about our future. Click here to learn more.

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