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Diana Rose Interview 

On Friday 25 July 2008, Nita was the featured guest of Diana Rose for her weekly show on Contact Talk Radio.


The following description of the interview is from the archives accessible on the website:


Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine

Nita Hughes is an inspiring author and teacher who reaches beyond the third dimension with an uncommon, sensitive touch and a deep connection with the divine feminine. Nita’s thoughts come from rare multidimensional understanding.


Her books, Past Recall and The Cathar Legacy, are highly prescient and highly recommended, wise historical novels of a political time that may be impacting our own...


Who are The Cathars?

Why should we understand this ancient story?


The voice of Mary Magdalene seems to come out of the pages to be with us... We think the books should be turned into movies... :)


Nita leads highly intriguing workshops into the South of France (the next one is being offered October 11-18 at Montfaucon in Limoux).


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