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This novel by Nita Hughes blends an ancient story of terrifying persecution with a modern vision of the world we know today.


The tale is told by a photographer who unexpectedly discovers information from the past about a spiritual secret, a treasure so coveted that an entire culture was massacred in an attempt to own it. Her search for answers propels the characters of this romantic thriller through time as history threatens to repeat itself.


Initially we are introduced to Clotilde and Jean de Mirepoix, devout Cathars in 13th century France. Their world of growing enlightenment is being extinguished by a reign of terror.


Clothilde and Jean seek refuge in Montsegur, a Cathar sanctuary thought to be impregnable. But their safety fades in importance as they attempt to secure the Cathar treasure, actually described in the historic archives of the Catholic Inquisition as "so powerful as to change the face of the world". Vowing to safeguard the treasure throughout time, their souls commit to return and unveil it at "world's end".


We discover that this predicted time has come, as photographer Dana Palmer and writer Eric Taylor collaborate on a story whose secret may provide the world’s salvation - or its destruction.

"Past Recall is one of those alchemical reads that left me a different person than when I first opened its pages. The title is apt, making me recall the characters and their lives with a deep sense of "what if?" and wondering if we really do hold the power to
"change the world."


Valerie Storey, author of
"Essential Guide for New Writers"

"Past Recall is a compelling romantic mystery. Its magnetic narrative treats us to spiritual wisdom and historical fact. Nita Hughes' mystical passion informs, entertains and inspires readers, while providing us with an antidote for a problematic future."


Karen Horowitz, co-author of

"Witness to Illness"


"The Cathar Legacy" is a sequel to "Past Recall".

Both books are based on the true story of how an entire culture - the Cathars - was destroyed because of their enlightened beliefs, and the secrets they held. The records of the Inquisition describe a Cathar treasure that was ... "so powerful as to transform the world".

But when the "believers" were being burned at the stake, it was discovered that four of their members escaped with the treasure before the massacre.

Past Recall moves back and forth in time between the 13th century and modern day France as two unlikely people are brought together to rediscover the treasure and the forces that still want to use its power for their own dark mission.

The Cathar Legacy reveals how the secrets of the treasure hold the potential to redeem and inspire our world at a time when enlightenment must once again triumph over darkness.  It also provides a glimpse of what awaits us when we succeed.

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Nita's most recent novel is ... Safe Haven ... a thriller that involves international banks, crime syndicates, government officials, and ancient family bonds. It takes place around the time of the revolution that overthrew the government of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos in the Philippines. It was a time of intrigue as millions - perhaps billions - in secret wealth were removed in a clandestine effort to hide the illicit fortune. This fictional story is loosely based on Nita's own experience in International Private Banking and the many adventures she experienced first hand during this dangerously turbulent time.

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