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For many years, Nita was a Vice President at Security Pacific Bank (now Bank of America).  As a global executive in the International Private Banking division, she provided financial advice to high net worth clients in Asia, Mexico, South America, and Europe.


She draws on diverse passions, including her love for the South of France, speaking, singing, teaching, and traveling.  Her writing includes contributions to books on autism, corporate training and marketing (as well as those you'll discover in this website).


Recently, Nita has been asked to join other artists in facilitating workshops for people who are interested in exploring France as a place to visit or live (full or part time) to develop their writing and other artistic skills.


These workshops take place in a magnificent setting in the ancient town of Limoux near Carcassonne in southern France. Montfaucon provides a tranquil and peaceful setting where guests can reconnect with a different pace of life and a world where priorities are placed on creativity, comfort, collaboration and community. It is a chance to explore a part of ourselves that rarely gets expressed in hectic pace of modern day life.


For information on Nita's upcoming workshops and a more in-depth discussion of the magic to be found at Montfaucon, click here to download the brochure.


In addition to the above, Nita also works with her husband Douglas and a team of professionals who are committed to helping entrepreneurs and artists profit from their creative endeavors. Their business, Hughes Associates, is based on their home island of Maui (Hawaii), but the partners in the firm can be found in cities around the globe.


Nita's books - both historical and fiction - involve successful professionals who find themselves drawn into dramatic events - often that reach back thousands of years - which reveal mysteries with the potential to transform our world today.  


Her books explore what happens when the influence of political power and religious dogma meet up with spiritual awareness  - a kind of wisdom that is beginning to find expression through individual growth and the empowerment of committed relationships.

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