Cover Letter

Dear Friends and Associates:

This website is meant to give you a quick overview of who I am, and what experience I have that might contribute to your success and that of your organization.

The links at the top and bottom of this page take you to my resume.

As you will see, my most significant experience comes from over 20 years working as a professional educator. My long tenure has included both substitute and full-time positions within the United States and internationally. While the majority of this has been in the public school system, even my extracurricular activities typically involve some kind of educational component.

I have recently returned to my family home in Washington state from a two year assignment in South Korea. While working overseas I taught English as a foreign language to elementary school children.

For the time being, I will be helping my sister Kimberly in her role as co-guardian of my autistic sister Karen. I will also be exploring new opportunities that will allow me to further my passion as an educator (and perhaps also an automobile aficionado).

I look forward to discussing with you how my unique skills and talents may be put to the highest use in serving you and your client's needs.


Kristopher Gerbracht