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What graduates of our program are saying ...

What we think about our program ...

“Authentic learning is not painful, upsetting, or difficult.  True learning is fun, joyful, and energizing.  We don’t know what you will find in our school.  Therefore, as you learn, so will we.  Part of the joy of coaching is being in the moment with the learner and experiencing the thrill of the discovery along with them.”


“I enrolled in the training so that I could avoid embarrassment when I played business golf.  I learned to play the game with a sense of freedom, creativity and joy.  Embarrassment was never a consideration after I completed this innovative course.”






“ I don’t feel the urgency to look up and see where the ball is going.  I can feel what’s happening while I am swinging.”






“I had issues with the cause and effect approach to golf I was taught previously.  Your coaching technique helped me apply my knowledge in a way that led to greater awareness of my own unique golf swing.  The results are impressive.






“Simply put, I can Feel The Difference!”

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