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Growing Older ... and Wiser?


In the forward to his new book, author Douglas Hughes begins:


"As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be older and wiser. When I was 10, I wanted to be 20. When I turned 20, I thought life would be better at 30. As I approached my third decade, I dreamed of having the wisdom of a 50 year-old. And when I finally reached the half centennial mark, I began to wonder how much more fulfilled I might feel with 80 years of living behind me.


But each succeeding milestone has also been a reminder that as I grow older (and hopefully wiser), I increasingly lose a little more youthful innocence and perspective about the world around me. So as I turned 50, I knew that I could no longer put off the inner drive to create something that would remain when I was gone. I knew it was time to write."


This book takes us on a fascinating journey. Part memoir and part philosophical inquiry into life's most challenging questions - the same ones that sooner or later seem to surface for all of us to look at - it explores these questions by examining the kinds of decisions we each make everyday in the course of ordinary living.


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 Personal Revelations

Exploring Life ... One Belief at a Time


But such mental meanderings did not begin with this book. Douglas first started writing about these issues in an early draft of another book:


The Pyradice Games

Enlightened Entertainment

For Winning Life's Greatest Rewards


The concept of "enlightened entertainment" began as an idea that if we can make learning fun, we can attract a large number of people who want to know more about the world we live in. But rather than being lectured at, we want to participate more in the process of learning. And we want our participation to be playful (there's just too much serious stuff happening in the world already). We need an antidote, or at least an occasional escape, that provides enjoyment, but also leaves us feeling like the time we spent was worthwhile - that we didn't just waste a few hours doing something inane ... or worse, doing something that is potentially harmful to ourselves or others.


The Pyradice Games were originally developed as a way to practice introspection and spiritual awakening ...with joy ... rather than a constant struggle to "self-improve".


It is based on the notion that we all have within us the answers we seek to the questions about what our life is supposed to entail, what gifts we have to contribute, what service we can offer to others, and what insights we can express that might somehow improve the world we share - and jointly create - with each other.


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