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The Games 

Enlightened Entertainment
For Winning Life's Greatest Rewards


There are two ways to enjoy The Pyradice Games:


The Playful Games ... entertain us.
They challenge us to compete,
and have fun while we play.
The Learning Games ... educate us.
They invite us to cooperate,
and discover new ways to play.



  The Playful Games     The Learning Games
These games are played in familiar ways except that they use specially designed cards, dice, and tokens.
  The objective of these games is to learn something new about ourselves.  This involves accepting the challenge to explore and experience our life with greater awareness.
The game pieces are made from a variety of materials in several different shapes, sizes, and colors.
  Learning games reveal different paths and perspectives that help us to win the great game of life while experiencing a growing sense of self-worth, success and satisfaction. 
Each game has unique objectives; but in general, players must guess how a piece will appear when played.
  Learning games teach us how to communicate with that part of us that already knows the answers to all of our questions (and the solutions to all of our problems). 
Playful games are for all ages.  Some are enjoyed like solitaire, but most are for groups of 2 to 4, or more, at a time.    By playing these games we learn the language that our unconscious uses when talking to our conscious self. The reward is abundant happiness, health, wealth, and wisdom.


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