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Exploring Life ... One Belief at a Time

The story begins by exploring the "New Revelations" that Neale Donald Walsch presents in one of his "Conversation With God" books. Each revelation becomes a window for looking at how such issues manifest in the course of every day living. It offers a memoir that focuses on the challenges we all face in transforming our lives - a journey that is revealed through a very intimate life story. 

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 Personal Revelations

Exploring Life ... One Belief at a Time


The Pyradice Games
Enlightened Entertainment
For Winning Life's Greatest Rewards


There are two ways to enjoy
The Pyradice Games


The Playful Games ... entertain us.
They challenge us to compete,
and have fun while we play.
The Learning Games ... educate us.
They invite us to cooperate,
and discover new ways to play.


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