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For many years, Douglas worked in the financial services industry with several different institutions, including Wells Fargo Bank, Security Pacific (now Bank of America) and Home Federal Savings & Loan. He ultimately served as a Vice President in the Credit Training, Marketing Research, and Product Management departments. From there, he switched hats and became a consultant to banks, working with two small companies based in the Silicon Valley - San Francisco Bay area. In his final role, before starting his own company, Douglas managed affiliate relations in the international sales and marketing divisions for Australia, Africa, India, and Southeast Asia.


With the founding of Hughes Associates, Douglas and his wife Nita began working with a team of professionals who are committed to helping entrepreneurs and artists profit from their creative endeavors. The business is based on their home island of Maui (Hawaii), but the partners in the firm can be found in cities around the globe.


At the same time, both Douglas and Nita began exploring their own creative pursuits.


Nita has now written three books that have attracted the attention of an agent in Italy and a publisher in Portugal (


Douglas has invented, manufactured, and now markets a family of games that appeal to players of all ages  (


Douglas has also written a non-fiction book which reveals the candid story of his own life experiences by illustrating, through personal example, how we all grapple with issues that straddle the reality of day-to-day living. It is a memoir of how one person discovered, through years of introspection, and with the help of many others, a path that anyone can follow to attract greater happiness, health, wealth, and wisdom into their lives ( 


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