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Six Essentials for Business Success
in Good and Bad Times


Who Are We?

The professionals who contribute their talents to Hughes Associates each have a unique set of skills.  We combine these skills in innovative ways to help other professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs create greater success in their chosen livelihood. 

As consultants, we work with people who are responsible for growing a business.  It may be a very personal and individual endeavor, or the business may involve a team of people who work together to achieve common goals.

Our approach is based on the philosophy that business success can be learned, that you begin at a personal level and then expand to attract others who share your vision. You learn to communicate and collaborate in ways that achieve the results you desire. You learn to evaluate your business as a banker or investor might, and discover how to "appreciate" both your "worth" and your "value". 

What all Hughes Associates have in common is the ability to communicate how your success - personal and professional - can be learned and developed.  Our various activities reflect the diverse experiences and knowledge that we offer clients to help them achieve their objectives. 

Douglas Hughes ...
  ... balances the resources of all the Associates by discovering how each person's skills and experiences can benefit the client most. Douglas is responsible for insuring that our clients and consultants can confidently commit to a successful conclusion.
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Nita Hughes ...
  ... embodies the perspective that every successful endeavor requires passion and a balancing of opposites - yin/yang, feminine/masculine, feelings/thoughts, cooperation/competition. Nita insures that our client relationships are always nurtured and evolve so that everyone feels fulfilled.
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Rex Beach ...
  ... presents the perspective that leadership in tomorrow's business requires those in charge to practice tolerance, inclusion, openness, and a host of key character traits and talents. He teaches clients about the "Six Essentials" for business success, and inspires entrepreneurs to know that they can find the solution for which they are looking.
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Alexander Reed ...
  ... shares his perspective on what it takes to live and prosper when your business takes you to different countries. He writes about his own international experience and promotes the view that cultural diversity is often an untapped resource for expanding your business success at home and abroad.
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Valerie Storey ...
  ... reveals the secrets to success when your business involves written communications. She brings years of writing and editing experience to her seminars and consulting engagements that help clients transform an interesting story into one that educates and entertains customers and employees.
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