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What's New?

One of the exciting projects we're currently working on includes the development of continuing education courses for Commercial Real Estate professionals.

 The Course Objectives involve teaching students to:
Explore the components, derivation, and application of the cap rate;
Understand and appreciate the benefits and limitations of the sales comparison approach to valuation;
Understand and appreciate the benefits and limitations of the income capitalization approach to valuation;
Examine the use of break-even analysis in understanding the sensitivity of critical net operating income drivers to market events;
Apply underwriting standards to proposed financing for an income producing property;
Assess the likely value of a personal guarantee;
Fully appreciate the equity investor's rate of return in assessing the underlying reason for the investment decision;
Review and examine several key documents that are critical in assessing the quality of the subject property from the perspective of a lender, including access to the property and to its stream of income in the event of default.

If you are interested in participating in the development and testing of this course, send us an email at:



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