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Find out how you can use powerful business tools and get free online training based on the book that started it all.

Six Essentials for Business Success
in Good and Bad Times


Training Programs

Our focus is on "performance based" learning.

To accomplish this we use a variety of means to deliver the training. In some situations, we might suggest traditional classroom seminars. In this case, we typically incorporate self-study text materials to be completed prior to the seminar so that the classroom time can be used most efficiently. Often we include some kind of online or computer assisted instruction as part of a pre-course and post-course assignment.

If the skills being taught are analytic, we might suggest using diagnostics and/or simulations to insure that the learning closely targets skills that can be transferred successfully to the work environment. 

In other projects, the training is primarily informational, or even behavioral (rather than technical). For example, if you are introducing of a new product or procedure, the message might be focused around sales and marketing objectives and the most effective training might use interactive role playing exercises.

We always strive to make learning enjoyable for students who may come with very different cultural backgrounds or skill sets. This might mean using audio, video, or animation to engage the student in programs that are customized for your unique content and implementation needs.

The following websites provide examples of the kinds of training programs we have developed for clients:

Training for Bankers
  One of the Hughes Associates more experienced partners is Dr. Rex Beach. Rex is well known in the financial services industry for his work in developing software and training programs to evaluate credit risk. Most recently, he has been working with a number of clients to provide online learning that allows bankers to personalize their credit training curriculum with diagnostics and modular courses that target each student's specific learning needs. 
To see how this works, visit: www.Shockproof.biz
Training for Businesses
  In addition to teaching bankers how to evaluate businesses, we also teach businesses how to improve their chances of getting approved for bank financing. This subscription website allows business owners to input their own business data and discover how a banker is likely to respond to their loan request. Subscribers get to see the kinds of reports that bankers look at when evaluating how much financing a business can service, and what price they should charge, based on the risk that is revealed. Members also gain access to online workshops, newsletters, articles and interviews with entrepreneurs who talk about the "Six Essentials for Business Success".
To see how this works, visit: www.Shockproof.net

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