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Find out how you can use powerful business tools and get free online training based on the book that started it all.

Six Essentials for Business Success
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What can we say ... we love to work with authors!

Below are a few special books we are proud to promote from among our family of writers. They are quite different from each other (ranging from historical fiction to non-fiction). Click on the names to learn more about the authors. Click on the titles to learn more about the books.

Nita Hughes
Past Recall ~ When Love and Wisdom Transcend Time
“Past Recall is a compelling romantic mystery. Its magnetic narrative treats us to spiritual wisdom and historical fact. Nita Hughes’ mystical passion informs, entertains and inspires readers, while providing us with an antidote for a problematic future.”

~ Karen Horowitz, co-author of Witness to Illness
The Cathar Legacy

"The Cathar Legacy" is a sequel to "Past Recall". Both books are based on the true story of how an entire culture - the Cathars - was destroyed because of their enlightened beliefs, and the secrets they held. The records of the Inquisition describe a Cathar treasure that was ... "so powerful as to transform the world".

~ Amazon.com

Safe Haven

This exciting thriller involves international banks, crime syndicates, government officials, and ancient family bonds. It takes place during the revolution that overthrew the Philippine government of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. It was a time of intrigue as millions - perhaps billions - in secret wealth disappeared in a clandestine effort to hide the illicit fortune.

~ Lulu.com



Douglas Hughes
Personal Revelations ~ Exploring Life ... One Belief at a Time

Thousands of people have read the "Conversations With God" books by Neale Donald Walsch. But despite the inspiration that these books offer, one question often remains ... How do you translate such spiritual wisdom into the realities of day-to-day living?

Douglas Hughes takes us through each of "The New Revelations" from the point of view of someone - probably not so very different than you - who applies a bit of spiritual introspection blended with a truly interesting memoir. This intriguing book brings the wisdom of the "CWG" books into a familiar and personal perspective.

~ Lulu.com

Valerie Storey
The Essential Guide for New Writers
"Valerie Storey distills the massive amount of confusing, and often conflicting, advice into the basic information necessary for crafting a short story, novel, or non-fiction manuscript. Her clear and gentle style guides even the most reluctant writer around obstacles in the path to publication."

~ Amazon.com

...designed to give first-time writers confidence, encouragement, and practical knowledge... 

~ Writer's Digest Magazine


Unleashed: Poltergeists, Murder, and the Story of Tina Resch

"Unleashed reveals dimensions of consciousness that we have not yet come to terms with...unleashed... may forever change your worldview"


~ Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing Words 

Rex Beach
Shockproof! ~ Six Essentials for Business Success

"Shockproof! provides simply stated wisdom that should be a primer for any manager who has to solve business problems."

Donald C. Harms, CIT Group


"The blending of the six Shockproof! essentials into a working model for a business owner or manager is terrific!"

~ Steve Thompson, Wells Fargo Bank

Alexander Reed
The Village Banker

"This book makes me wish I could meet all the interesting people that the novel's hero met; or at least, that I could as sharply and compassionately remember and picture them and their pathos in such an easygoing story-telling style. Through the hero's international banker's eyes, peoples' and countries' foibles and souls parade without condescendence or prejudice, meanwhile revealing individual aspects of their distinct cultures."


~ Amazon.com

Tote Of Travel Tales
"Part seductive travelogue through South America, part insider expose of international banking, and all excitement as its sophisticated protagonist sweeps the reader into an ominous world of international high finance."


~ Amazon.com

Money and The Global Economy

"... an amazing work. I found the manuscript fascinating... a totally different approach to the economics of money on a domestic and international level."


~ John C. Getzelman, ex-Chairman, Rainer National Bank, Seattle


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