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Pyradice Games

Each of the following games is designed to entertain you in a different manner while challenging you to compete and have fun. 

The games are played in familiar ways except that they use specially designed cards, dice and tokens.  The game pieces are made from a variety of materials in several different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Each game has unique objectives; but in general, players must guess how a piece will appear when played.  These games are for all ages.  Some are enjoyed like solitaire, but most are for groups of 2 to 4 players (or teams) at a time.

Pyradice Stones

Several Pyradice games are played with four-sided dice called "stones".  A stone has the shape of a tetrahedron (similar to a pyramid consisting of four triangular faces connected at four points).  Each face of the stone is a different color (green, blue, yellow, or red).  You release a stone to fall upon a flat surface and then lift it to reveal the color of its hidden face.  The game package includes six multi-colored tetrahedron shaped dice, scorecards, and an instruction book for playing various games.

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Pyradice Bones

Various Pyradice games can be played with a set of small flat triangular tokens called "bones".  Each set of 100 bones contains four "suits" of 25 bones each.  There are 24 unique combinations of colors that form the face of the bones, and one special "magic" bone that defines each suit.  The bones are sometimes won or lost during play (like coins), and can also be used for games that are similar to checkers, backgammon, dominos, or mahjong.  The game package includes 100 bones and an instruction book for playing several different games.

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Pyradice Cards

One of the most enjoyable Pyradice games uses 64 multi-colored triangular shaped cards.  The face of the card reveals three concentric triangles (one within, or on top of, the other).  Each triangle is colored green, blue, yellow, or red.  The sequence of the three colored triangles (from outer to inner, bottom to top, largest to smallest) produces 64 unique cards.  They are used in traditional ways as you draw and discard them to build a winning hand.  The game package includes a set of 64 cards and an instruction book for playing several enjoyable games.

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All of the Pyradice games can be purchased together in a special collectors edition. It includes a 24 page full-colored guidebook for playing literally dozens of challenging, enjoyable, and educational games. 

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