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Find out how you can use powerful business tools and get free online training based on the book that started it all.

Six Essentials for Business Success
in Good and Bad Times


Publishing Services

When you want to produce, publish, and promote your product or service, we help you analyze the costs and benefits of different marketing strategies.  All businesses need to publish - to publicize - the fact that something is for sale. 

The challenge is to get the most effective publicity for the least expense. This means targeting those people who can most benefit from your product or service (or influence the purchase decision). Books, manuals, pamphlets, brochures, articles, advertisements, newsletters, direct mail, email, radio, television, computer simulation, live on-stage performances, and of course the Internet - these are the mediums we have used to help our clients publish their success stories.

Books - fiction, historical-fiction, and non-fiction
  Using the inexpensive and rapid turn-around potential now available with print-on-demand technology, there is no reason not to use paperback books to promote you and your company to your customers. An important step in positioning yourself as an authority, is to become an author. We can help you do this more quickly and easily than you might imagine.
To see how this works, visit: Pyradice Publishing
Websites - promoting people, products and services
  The Internet is one of the most powerful tools available to growing companies.  It levels the playing field between small and big businesses like no other technology.  We provide the most efficient and effective domain registration and publishing tools as you evolve your web presence a little at a time.  When sales increase, your budget will expand to add more functionality.
To see how this works, visit: Pyradice Partners
Games - enlightened entertainment
  These playful games are comprised of cards, dice, and tokens that get used in innovative ways to hone your skills in mastering competitive strategies.  Individually or together, the games offer a unique and challenging way for players of all ages to join together in a fun adventure that is both entertaining and educational.
To learn more about this program, visit: Pyradice Games

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