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Find out how you can use powerful business tools and get free online training based on the book that started it all.

Six Essentials for Business Success
in Good and Bad Times


Douglas Hughes

Douglas founded Hughes Associates in 1995 to provide consulting services to the financial services industry.  Working with one of the world's largest providers of risk assessment software and bank training programs, he helped the firm establish offices and business relationships in the U.S., Canada, Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia.  When the company was sold to Moody's Investors Services, he helped implement innovative programs for using technology to provide training and information services to banks and businesses.

Before establishing his own company, Douglas worked in the financial services industry for two decades, including positions at two international banks.  His experience included assignments in lending, training, marketing, and product management.  As a Senior Vice President at Financial Proformas Inc., he helped bankers around the world adjust to the rapid changes brought on by global deregulation and advancing technologies.

In addition to his business background, Douglas also has a passion for "entertaining training". In this pursuit he has invented various games and has written a book about his experiences that is part memoir and part philosophical essay. You can learn more at:


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