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Find out how you can use powerful business tools and get free online training based on the book that started it all.

Six Essentials for Business Success
in Good and Bad Times


Can We Help?

To see if Hughes Associates can help you advance your business success, we invite you to look at some of the activities we are working on with our clients. 

Each project highlights a unique set of skills and talents that are being applied to create success in a variety of personal and professional endeavors.  As you click on the different links, a website opens in a new window so you can explore that site at your leisure and easily return here when you're done. You will find that our clients offer a wide variety of products - from online training programs, to a website for selling real estate; from a historical novel about life in 13th century France, to a collection of entertaining games that educate those who play.

Our ability to help you succeed in your business endeavors is limited only by our combined imagination and creativity. And as you will see, both are in abundance. 

  We help clients create strategies to succeed.  One key to success involves finding the vision that will attract the right people and resources.  We help you clarify that vision, and the mission it implies.  We help you identify the obstacles, and the solutions, that will change challenges into opportunities for growth and fulfillment.  In the process you develop objective, achievable goals to measure your success.
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  We help authors publish books (paper and electronic, fiction and non-fiction).  We also build websites for clients who want to promote their products and services on the Internet.  Basically, we help clients clarify their business message from a marketing perspective, and then choose those delivery mediums that best communicate that message effectively and efficiently.
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  Over the years we have created many different types of training in formats that include seminars (classroom and online), multimedia (audio, video and computer simulation), and text-based learning (books and manuals).  Training is important in your promotion plans because it educates customers, as well as employees, about the best way to benefit from your products and services. 
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