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All businesses are unique, and the people that run them have a special talent for solving a problem that someone, somewhere, will pay for.

But beyond this basic definition of a business, why is it that some companies succeed where others fail? And of those that fail, why do some actually have a better product or service than those that succeed?

Author, Rex Beach, takes us on a journey through each of the six business essentials that every owner or manager must master for business success.

Following is an overview of these key topics. You can click on each topic individually to see a preview of that chapter.

Shockproof! is available as a paperback and an ebook. For a limited time, you can download the ebook for free when you sign up for a complimentary 30 day trial of our online training program at: www.ShockproofTraining.com

Six Essentials for Business Success

  Creating and maintaining competitive advantages that make your product or service more valuable to your customers.
Business Plan
  Translating strategic assumptions into numbers that accurately estimate your future cash requirements.
  Attracting the right employees, investors, customers, suppliers, contractors and consultants to help your business succeed.
  Establishing the values that encourage and reward the people who must implement your strategic vision.
  Promoting solutions to problems that attract buyers, and then delivering products or services that exceed customersí expectations.
Cash Flow
  Using cash optimally to meet the financial obligations of your business in any economic or competitive environment.

Discover how the Shockproof! Essentials can be put to work in your business.

"The blending of the six Shockproof! essentials into a working model
for a business owner or manager is terrific!"

Steve Thompson
Wells Fargo Bank


About the Book

Here are some of the ways that readers are using Shockproof!

  Business owners and managers find Shockproof! enjoyable because its humorous anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship have the ring of authenticity. Anyone who has tried to grow a business will relate to Rexís stories as they reveal the thrilling rewards and painful losses that are common to all who pursue such endeavors.
  Financial institutions use Shockproof! as a supplement to their credit training programs for lenders, relationship managers, and credit analysts, to better understand the stressful decisions faced by their borrowers. Both bankers and business owners report improved communication as a result of discussing how the Shockproof! essentials apply to the borrower.
  Accountants and financial consultants are giving Shockproof! as a gift to their clients (both the business and the bank). It provides a framework for discussing the financial, marketing, and strategic objectives of the business owner. The Shockproof! essentials focus everyone who is associated with the business on the core qualities and key factors that will determine their success.

"Shockproof! provides simply stated wisdom that should be a primer
for any manager who has to solve business problems."

Donald C. Harms
The CIT Group


About the Author

Dr. Rex Beach is regarded by many as one of the foremost experts in analyzing risk, a leader in cash flow analysis, and co-founder of a company that became the major provider of business analysis software and credit training to financial institutions around the world. Before he sold the company to Moodyís Investors Service, it was acknowledged twice by INC. magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S.

Dr. Beach has a BA in economics from Kansas State University, an MA in international relations from John Hopkins University, and a Ph D in economics from Brown University. Beach served as an assistant to the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury in Washington D.C. and as the U.S. Executive Director of the Asian Development Bank in Manila. He worked in the international and credit policy divisions of Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco before starting his own company.

Rex wrote Shockproof! - Six Essentials for Business Success in Good and Bad Times - to give something back to the business community. He wanted to share with owners and managers the essential lessons he learned in growing and managing a successful company.

From the Author

Throughout my career, Iíve repeatedly wrestled with the essentials of success in business. Iíve observed the operations of a range of businesses, and Iíve applied analysis to many of those companies in both the U.S., and abroad. However, the most relevant learning experience for me about business success came from daily experience in my job running a business that I co-founded at the front-end of the microcomputer age. I sold it years later to Moodyís Investors Service in an era enchanted by the Internet. Technology changed dramatically over those years, but the essentials for business success remained the same.

The examples and anecdotes I use to make points and draw conclusions in Shockproof! are taken largely from the banking, software, and training industries. But I encourage the reader to put industry jargon aside in thinking through the Shockproof! lessons and how they apply to his or her business career. At the end of the day, the successful e-commerce superstar and the successful street corner vendor each solve problems, struggle with competitive advantage, appeal to a specific target audience, and run on cash. The Shockproof! essentials apply to both, and to all businesses in between.

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Six Essentials
for Business Success
in Good and Bad Times

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